When it comes to making DIY recipes, choosing the right supplies is just as important as selecting the right ingredients. They can have a significant impact on the outcome of your project. Using the wrong type of container for storing homemade beauty products can cause them to spoil faster or even become contaminated. And we don’t want that, now do we?! 

In addition to considering the quality of your supplies, it’s also important to think about their environmental impact. Upcycling food containers and giving empty containers a second life is always a great option, as it helps to reduce waste and conserve resources. However, if you do need to purchase new supplies, it’s important to consider local and/or eco-friendly options whenever possible. 

That being said, I’ve included the following supply options from my Amazon store. While purchasing new supplies is not always the best choice for the environment, these will provide you with a starting point so you can make an informed purchasing decision and set you up for success on your DIY journey. Use the search function to type in what you need or filter to the right by category. 

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